Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Flapper's Night Out~ at a Modern Speakeasy

Ah, The Highland Tap, this Martini Bar and Restaurant is what I would call the perfect Modern Day Speakeasy. My boyfriend and I love this place, their drinks are fantastic (all their martinis come with a cute little side car for refilling), their food is amazing well done and deliciously simple( try their mini oscar), and it's like taking a step back to the roaring days of 1925. This little underground eatery is a perfect example of getting a speakeasy right. After stepping through the street access enterance, your taking down a dimly light stair case, which to me looks a little bit hauted, but through another door way you enter the restaurant and bar.  I just love this place, and if your ever in the Atlanta area, this would be a place to check out.

Black Textured Coat~ X-mas Gift years ago

Cream Fur Stole~ Antique Mall

Cream Silk Wrap Blouse~ Thrifted

Black Sweater Pencil Skirt~ Thrifted~ Tailored to fit my shape

Black Belt~ Thrifted

Forest Green Purse~ Rosenio Splendid~ Thrifted

Long Pearl Necklace~ Rene` Rene`

Cream Puff Puff Hat~ For Sale~ My Etsy Shop


  1. oh, how awesome! I just love your glamourous look!

  2. Hi, just found you via facebook! Love your look!! X

  3. I am in love with your hats! Now I really can't wait for my next paycheck! :D

  4. you look so great! the hat is perfect and that stole is amazing!