Friday, February 25, 2011

A Flapper's How To~ Spice up Your Veiled Cocktail Hat

Bird Cage Veiling~ It's a wonderful way to add more of a vintage feel to any Cocktail Hat, plus also adding a sense of class to your look.

Now, I love veiling, especially Bird Cage Veiling, and I think it brings more of that "Sex Siren" appeal to it's wearer, but I sometimes can't stand it always hanging in front of my face, and having to peer through those diamond shaped holes.

I have a solution~

You may need a couple of pins~

By taking the ends of the veiling, start tucking and rolling the veiling  underneath it's self. Start heading up towards the hat base, still rolling up the veiling. After tucking the veiling under it's self,  place the rolled up veiling, which now looks like a big puff,  and place it as close to where it's attached on the hat, and  spread the veiling around the top of the base. Get the veiling postioned in the way you want it to look, and then pin in place.

It's a great way to get the veiling out of your face and your eyes, but it's also a great way to make you hat look new, and more Avant Garde looking. It's like an instant make over for your Cocktail Hat!

Black Dress~ From StopStarring~

Cocktail Hat~ For Sale at my Etsy Shop

Pearl Necklace~ Rene` Rene`

Jean Harlow Replica Ring~  from The Hollywood Collection

Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Flapper's~ Thursday Afternoon Blues~

Ah, it's Thursday, so close to Friday, and I feel I might be coming down with the Thursday's Blues this afternoon. I'm feeling a little bit trapped, hence the photos above, and have been really wanting to get out, and exprience something new.
Thinking I might hit up the Star Bar tomorrow night, and see Big Sandy and His Fly-Rite Boys. Check it out.

Dress~ Black and White Checker top, with Black Detailng,and Ruffle Waist Line, attached to a Flowing Black Pencil Skirt~  (With this dress ~I hemmed up the skirt about 3 inches, and took in the waist line about and Inch on each side to make it more form fitting for my body, and shape)

Black Cropped Sweater~ (I wear it a lot) Target

Red Belt~ Vintage~ Salvation Army

Black Pumps~ Thrifted

Cocktail Hat~ with Tiny Red Rose, and Black Feathered Bow~ For Sale~ My Etsy Shop 

Red Tassle Earings with Black Hearts~ Made by my Man~ Sweetapple

Pearl Necklace, and Braclet~ Gifts

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Flapper's~ Raven Wing Cocktail Hat

I really sometimes can't help myself but channel Coco Chanel in my wardrobe, and in my hat making design~ shoot, even Chanel herself  started her Fashion Career in Millinery, making her own hats. 

I created this Victorian Black Ravens Wing Cockatil Hat for those special days when a Little Black Dress is the perfect thing to wear, especailly when you feel like you have nothing to wear.
The ravens wing flows back from the front of the hat base, like it we're in flight, and has black tulle netting popping up from behind, with peek- a- boo fanned black feathers giving the hat more height. A simple  black rosette with a cream button in the middle, top the hat off.

Dress~ Velevet top, with ruffling waist line, and pencil skirt bottom~ Thrifted

Black weaved Belt~ Thrifted

Black Cropped Sweater~ Target

Black High Heels~ Thrifted

Long Pearl Necklace~ Rene` Rene`

Black Vintage Handbag~ Y- Not- Vintage~ East Atlanta

Black Long Gloves~ Clothing Warehouse

Hat~ My Esty Shop

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Flapper's~ Carmen Miranda Hat~

I just recently got a wonderful book off of Amazon, called~ Course In Creative Hat Design~ A 1940's Guide to Creating Your Own Vintage Hats. I adore this little book, and all the differnt hats you can make, or recreate. So I was flipping through the pages and I came across the ~ Carmen Miranda ~ hat, and decided to make a Lemon/ Lime Straw Picture Hat, seen here. I think it's so late 30's looking in style. Going to be great for this summer.

Black Cropped Rampage Tux looking Jacket~  Thrifted

Black High Wasited Skirt~ Thrifted

White Satin Tie Blouse~ Thrifted

Black Carmen Miranda Hat~ On Sale Soon on My Etsy Shop

Vintage Weaved Straw Purse, with added Rasberries~ Rag-O-Rama,~
    I added the rasberries to purse~ from Joann's

1950's PB Umbrella~ Antique Mall

Monday, February 21, 2011

Zelda~ The Perfect "Flapper" Magazine

If your a Modern Day Flapper~ then the Zelda Magazine is just for you! I came across this magazine about a year ago, from just doing some art deco research online. I bought the first issue, and was amazed at the quality of the paper, the pictures, and the articles written inside. I found that this magazine really helps other 1920's era lovers feel that their not alone in preserving the past. This little booklet has everything from, articles on 1920's Jazz, modern finger waving instructions, and pictures of "Flapper" inspired events from LA to the Big Apple. A lot of the articles are written by actual people living a vintage way of life, and are sharing their knowledge with others in the same interest. So needless to say, I have every issue, and can't wait for this spring's/ summer's issue.

Black & Cream Cardigan~ Antique Mall, but added the collar and cuffs from a Value Village top

Stretchy Black Pencil Skirt~ fixed to fit my shape~ Value Village

Thick Black Belt~ Value Village

Cream and Black Retro Shoes~ From Electric Chair

~New~ Cocktail Hat~ Black Satin Wavy Base, with a Cream Foam Spring ~Puff Puff~
   Soon to be added to my Esty Shop~

Vintage Cream Purse~ Estate Sale

Black Leather/ Fur Gloves~ K&G

Vintage Glove Hand Clip~ Last Chance Thrift

Vinatge 1950's Sunglasses with Case~ Rag-O-Rama

Thursday, February 17, 2011

An Early Spring~ 1920's Inspired~

What a fabulous Spring/Summer hat~ going on sale soon at my esty shop.

Red and White Dot Dress~ Thrifted at VV  "aka" ~ Value Village~

Black Vinatge Belt

Candies Black Cropped Sweater

Simple Black Pump Shoes~  Thrifted at VV

Hat~ Mi Amore Design~ can be found here.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Flapper's Thursday Afternoon~

Just a check post~ from work. Can't wait for spring to finally show up! I'm so in the mood for warmer weather that I thought today I'd wear my vintage black and white striped jumper, with a little red belt. Paired with a bead vintage cardigan, and my 1920's inspired frenchie wool hat, this little outfit screams for spring.
Just a couple of more months~

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Jean Harlow Moment~

Now I have to say, I'm a huge fanatic of Jean Harlow, the Orignial Blonde Bombshell, and how amazingly beautiful she truely was. I've been watching some of her movies like, The Public Enemy, Red Dust, and Dinner at Eight. But my favorite at the moment is Libeled Lady. In this movie, Jean's character is wearing a simple cocktail hat, with net veiling just coming down over her eyes. Which I thought was so sexy, especially on her.  So, that hat gave me the idea for the cocktail hat I'm wearing here. With simple black net veiling falling off the top of the hat base, I added little black puff's to the ends of the veiling for a more dramatic "Harlow" look.I'm currently selling this cocktail hat on my etsy shop, and would love for it to have a good home. But check out some of my other hat listings, you might find something you may like.

I like this last picture, reminds me of a publicity shot an old silent movie actress would have taken.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Flapper in the News Paper~ Oh La La...

I just couldn't believe my eye's when photographer Cameron Adams placed Atlanta's INtown Paper in front of me, and pointed out that I made it onto the Street Fashion write up section, I was shocked. Now I have to say, I've never had a little write up like this for Atlanta's Street Fashion before, but it feels super cool! I want to thank Cameron for using my picture, and for the little write up he did of me, and my hats a while ago, on his blog:  Check it out.

A Flapper's New Spring Hat~ circa 1930's Inspired

Just wanted to show everyone one of my new Spring/Summer collection Hats. Check out this hat and others hats I'm selling out of my esty store.  I'm heading into a very 1930's spring style shape for my hats this season. I'm using a lot more straw materials, and just trying to keep the hat  looking simple, just as it was done back in the day. I'm calling these types of straw hats, The "Dita" Picture Hat. The way the hat looks on really reminds me of her, and how she wears her stunning hats. Maybe one of these days, I'll be super surprised, and be able to see her wearing one of my unique cocktail hats.