Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Flapper's How To~ Personalize Your Own Parasol

What you will need~
          - Ink Pad~ you can choose whatever color you would like~ But black can go on any color parasol
                You can find ink pads at Michaels or Joann's or even Hobby Lobby
          - A Pretty Stamp~ Pick out a stamp that shows your personality, but keep the size down~ don't go too big~
         - Paper Parasol~ I found mine at Hobby Lobby~ they have several different colors
         - Paper Towel

Step One~ Open up your paper parasol, and and lock it in place. Set your parasol on a good sized table. Now look at your parasol and the stamp your going to be using, and start to think of a pretty pattern that you'll want to stamp on your parasol. Once you've figured out what kind of pattern you want to create, it's now time to open up your Ink Pad~ and coat your Stamp with a even layer of Ink.

Step Two~ Now with your stamp evenly coated with Ink, your ready to make your first imprint on your parasol. Figure out where you want to start your pattern and within one hand you have your stamp, and with the other your paper towel, firmly place your stamp on the paper. (The paper towel will help you out with not getting ink on your hands.)

 Step Three~ Continue to stamp your parasol with your pattern~
Here's a close up.

 Here's the finished Top Pattern~

Step Four~ Stamp your botton pattern.
 Now here's the finished product~

This project is super easy, and with this spring and summer season's looking super hot~ having a personalized paper parasol will sure keep you cool, and looking unique!

Dress~ Top one: Black and White Polka Dot ~ Thrifted
             Botton one: Blue and Black Floral Print~ Thrifted~
Black Belt~ Thrifted
Long Pearl Necklace~ Gift
Black Straw Hat~ For Sale~ My Esty Shop


  1. Love it! What a great little craft project!

  2. Genius, i love these kinds of projects.
    Also would love to raid your closet amor.

  3. What a great idea! It looks very lovely.