Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Modern Day Flapper's Tribute~ Bette Davis

     I've always been a huge fan for all things Bette Davis, and I thought today I would but on my lovely fur stole, my Sunset ring (a Bette Davis replica), and my  "Bette" cocktail hat, and do a bit of a tribute to her.


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Modern Day Flapper's must have~ A Long Pearl Necklace~

     So for X-mas this year, I just could not get my mind off of wanting a floor length pearl necklace, much like the Louise Brooks photo, and The Marchesa Casati picture above~ and I know their hard to come by, espically at such a long length. But my man was able to find one for me at 70 inches long. Thanks Wolfie!

Pearls to me are so beautiful, and can bring a classic regal sense to any outfit. Although I perfer real pearls, you can find heavy glass ones, that have the same wieght as real ones, in even longer lengths.

 Pearls really came into fashion in the late 1920's, when the look of a "flapper" was just kicking off~ Long pearl necklaces became a signture of the flapper "jazz" look. Young baby vamp's would go out dancing in hot jazz clubs, with their long pearl necklaces on, swinging them round, and luring in young men.

With art deco influences, the appearence of having a long necklace on gave the look of a longer, leaner flapper silhouette. Now, I'm no stick figure looking flapper, but having on a long pearl necklace really does give my figure a leaner look.   

For over the past couple of years, long pearl necklaces have been the vogue for classic jewelry pieces to own, and to hold onto. With a lady like touch quality, pearl necklaces are the perfect example for adding that flapper inspired accessory to your vintage look.          

Friday, December 24, 2010

A Flapper's Perfect Touch~

          It's X-mas eve, and although I need to go in to work today, I took advantage of the beautiful rays of light, and of my boyfriend's motorized bicycle, and took some flapper inspired pictures. I really love this vintage skirt I have on. I got it at a steal deal of like three bucks, at a little thrift store my boyfriend had found for me, just outside of Atlanta. I really like the look of longer skirts, and how it just adds that vintage touch to your outfit. Pairing the look with some slip on black pumps, and my Bird Wing cocktail hat it looks like I'm really for work. Simple and easy~

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Flapper Inspired Boutique~ Rene` Rene`

          Ah, Rene` Rene`, such a unique little vintage inspired boutique, for it being located in Atlanta's, Little 5 Points, artistic shopping district. Rene` Rene` in other words is like a step back in time for all the women who love dressing up in vintage inspired clothing. Walking into this shoppe just makes a girl feel like a girl, and with all the clothing being new, and only looking like vintage fashions, customers are able to buy one of a kind pieces that are timeless, pin-up inspired, and  can't be found anywhere else.  

     I know quite a lot about Rene` Rene`, not only because it's where I work, but it's also the little shoppe that carries my line of cocktail hats and fascinators~Called:  Amore. Hats.  I came across Rene` Rene` about two years ago, when I first moved to Atlanta, from southern California, while looking for a job. I was a newly established Milliner to the area of L5P, and found Rene` Rene`s store the perfect  little place for my hats to sell out of. This boutique has been around since 1987, and all the beautiful clothing is designed by Rene` Sanning, a pure Southern Belle, and a true staple to Atlanta's Fashion Scene. An eccentric women, with flaming red hair, she almost looks like a modern day movie star, like Rita Hayworth. Working out of her fashioin studio located in Atlanta's, Buckhead, she creates, designes, and cuts all of her pieces to look like clothing Marilyn Monroe would wear, but still looking like modern styles. Rene` is a fabulous women, and if your ever in the Atlanta area, stop by the shop on the weekends, you may just get to meet her, or see her working her magic with dressing some local customers. 

        Rene` Rene` has everything a Modern Day Flapper could want or need. Looking for a perfect Little Black Dress, or some lacey 1930's looking gloves. Or maybe a cute fascinator for your locks, with a touch of a long pearl necklace. We've got a little bit of everything from any fashion era. 

Store Address: 1142 Euclid Ave.~ Atlanta, Ga 30307                  Phone #: (404) 522- RENE       

Hours: Mon- Fri: Noon-7:00 ~ Saturday: 11:30-8:00 ~ Sunday: Noon-6:30


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

1940's Fur Stole~ &~ My Clara Bow Moment~

     There's still something about the original "It" Girl that still inspires me to be a Modern Day Flapper.
Clara Bow is by far one of my favorite 1920's Actresses, and one of the best known Flappers of all time.

She was raised in the then booming Big Apple, and won a contest into fame, with the one photograph that her father had spent he's savings on. She moved to Hollywood, and had a fantastic career in filming silent movies. But with the film the "Jazz Singer" , and it setting the new trend for "talkies" Clara's voice was just to thick with her New York accent to be heard, and could not be well recorded. So in 1931, at the age of 28 she retired, and left Hollywood forever.
 But before she left the movie biz, she was the most iconic Flapper of the time. She was setting the new trends for young women, who were looking for a new kind of beauty role model.
Clara had the looks, and  although only filmed in black and white, she was actually the only flaming red Bombshell to be dubbed a "Flapper".  Clara was everything a Flapper could be. Young, witty, and full of life, she loved to dance, be seen in the latest fashions, and loved to drive really fast automoblies. She was a kind little lady, and I still enjoy watching her silent movies. She just had one of those baby vamp face's that just makes you want to know more about her.

Clara Bow was the inspiration for my look today. I brushed out my pin-curls to a nice poofy flapper wave, and adorned my locks with one of my tilt cocktail hats, which has a peacock feather hat pin poking out from the back. I bought this 1940's fur stole for a steal at $35 bucks, and have been waiting until it was cold enough, here in Atlanta, to wear out. It's the perfect touch for adding that regal Flapper look. Now it's time for a good old fashioned vintage cocktail, in a hiden little speakeasy.   

Monday, December 13, 2010

1930's Snoods~ Perfect for the Modern Day Flapper's Working Girl

      Vintage hair, so hard to recreate, and even super time consuming when your a working Modern Day Flapper. But I wanted to share my secrect to keeping my locks looking vintage without a lot of time, or damage to your hair.
     For me, my hair is something that I put a lot of work into. It's important for me to have vintage looking hair to help showcase my millinery work, and to have a visual reference to help my customers see how to wear cocktail hats and fascinators of the past eras.
    I like to usually do my hair in pin-curls every night, I use a little lottabody, bobby pins, and a silk scarf to tie around my head, and I'm off to bed. After air drying through out the night, take out all the bobby pins, brush out locks, and I have a perfect 30's/ 40's looking hair do. But for me, I'm not always able to take my night shower, or have the time to set my hair into pin-curls.
      The perfect illusion for your plain jane locks to turn into a classic looking do is to put on a 1930's looking Snood.
       Snoods or hair nets are the simplest way to take your un-curled, un-washed, or un-inspired hair, and instantly change it a classic 30's look.

                                                                    Putting on a snood, or hair net is surprisingly easy, and should take only a couple of minutes to complete. I like to curl my front bangs up, using a super small curling iron, and place on top of my head, and then gather the rest of your locks and brush them to the back of your head, as if your going to put your hair in a low ponytail.
        Then with some good old fashioned bobby pins, place your snood at the top of your head, right behind your front styled bangs, or at the end of your part, and pin snood into place. With the top of the snood secure, pull the other end of the snood down, stretching it out to place your pulled back hair into. Now making sure every strand of hair is placed within your snood, place a couple of more bobby pins right behind your ears for a tight hold, and for that vintage style shape. Should look something like this~

          I'm a hat designer, so wearing snoods help make my hair styling much easier, and quicker for when I have to meet with customers or clients, shop owners, or other designers. I really love the way one of my cocktail hats complements the look of the 1930's snood. I get asked all the time, where did I get my hat, and how do you keep that net over your hair? I just love it when young future Modern Day Flappers are interested in the styles of the past.   

Some History Facts:
 *Famous Flapper Designer, Schiaparelli introduced a Victorian revival in the form of the modern snood in 1935.
 *The snood became a mainstay method of keeping hair free from machinery in wartime Britain.
 *In Hollywood Victorian themed films with lavish costumes like Gone with the Wind inspired a whole range of new     
          hat styles for the 1930s.
 *Even in the more styled days of the 1940s, women knew that a snood was a great way to deal with a bad hair day.