Wednesday, March 2, 2011

~A Flapper's 1930's Geisha Inspired Outfit~

I know I haven't blogged in a couple of days, but I've been so under the weather, with it being flu season and all, I've basiclly been in bed for two days straight. Yuck~  But with all that time I had, I was able catch up on all the movies I've recorded off of my favorite channel~ TCM. I was finally able to watch Gone with the Wind, all the way through, without my boyfriend interupting me. That movie is truley one of my favorites!

So after being stuck in bed with the flu for two days, I was extremely anxious to get back to looking glamorous again. This outfit is one of my personal favorites, and it's super comfortable to wear. Very Japanese Geisha inspired~

V-Neck Black Top~ Kohl's ~ AB Studio   ( I just switched the front of the top to the back~ leaving the V-shape in the back)

Long Floral Pencil Skirt~ Thrifted~ (tailored to fit my shape)

Black Belt~ Thrifted

Black Pumps~ Thrifted

Vintage Fan Necklace~ Antique Mall (I had lost the chain, and replaced it with the one I have on, but I added the knot to give the necklace a nice length)

Long Pearl Necklace~ Rene` Rene` ( I also added the knot, for a more Flapper look)

Greta Garbo Champagne Ring~ Replica~ The Hollywood Collection

Forest Green Travel Purse~ By Rosenio Splendid~ Thrifted

Black Cocktail Hat~  Part of my personal collection~ But you can find more at My Etsy Shop 


  1. love that skirt and doctors bag too..too cute.

  2. That skirt is lovely, you look great!

  3. I tried to focus on your outfit, but your lips are seriously distracting!! Perfect little bow!!

  4. Your outfits always look so put together - could easily be in vogue!

  5. I like the idea of reversing a modern top, it makes the silhouette look like a kimono. The colourful print of the skirt also looks great with the black accessories, well done outfit!