Thursday, March 31, 2011

1930's Inspired Spring Felt Hat

I've been watching all these Jean Harlow movies lately, that have been playing on Turner Classic Movies, she was the star of the month for March. Well anyway, I just adore Jean's style and look, and of course I absoultly adore all the hats Jean wears in some of her movies. This new creation, I think, looks a lot like something Jean would have worn in one of the her fabulous movies.

Silk Floral Top~ To The Max~ Thrifted

Black Sweater Pencil Skirt~ Thrifted

Black/ Gold Belt~ Thrifted

Long Pearl Necklace~ Gift

Vintage Drawstring Purse~ Thrifted

Arrow/ Heart Pin with Chain~ Rag-O-Rama

Black Bow Pumps~ DSW

Felt Spring Hat~ Mi Amore Hats

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Flapper's~ 1920's Tilt Style Cocktail Hat & Frenchie Top

I've been working so hard in the Cocktail Hat World~ pulling together pieces for this Saturday's Georgia State Fashion Show. I was re-invited to come back this season, with the help of my good friend and fashionista~ Cherelle Jay. I'll be covering every bit of it, taking pictures, and capturing the moments. I'm so excited for this show, I'll be featuring my new Big "Dita" Picture Hats (the big straw looking ones) and some new Evening Inspired Cocktail Hats as well. Wish me all luck, my fittings are this evening~ Maybe I'll wear this French Inspired outfit, with a new Amore hat.

Frenchie Top~ Chico's~ Thrifted~(I added a Pin to the collar to make the neckline look more dramatic)

Long Black Circle Skirt~ Thrifted

Long Pearl Necklaces~ Gift~ (I added the knot for a more "Flapper" look)

Leather Gloves and Clutch~ Thrifted~(I actually found these gloves and purse right next to each other at a Goodwill store and thought it looked so right, I had to have them! I think they look good together, even though their a shade off or so.)

Black Belt~ Thrifted

Black and White T-Strap Shoes~ Diesel~

1920's Tilt Style Cocktail Hat~ a New Design~ Personal Collection~ Find others here~ My Etsy Shop

Thursday, March 24, 2011

1930's Inspired Velvet Turban Cocktail Hat & Golden "Flapper" Scarf

I was just fooling around the other day with different hat shapes and such while designing, and had worked up a very elegantly styled looking black Turban Hat with lovely Velvet Floral Shapes. I wasn't sure what to accent the turban with, but I had recently seen an old movie (can't remember which one) where in the background of a scene, a women extra had on an evening styled cocktail hat that had these wild looking feathers falling over just one side of her head piece. I was really breathtaking. So, with a little inspiration from the movie, and my imagination,  I decided to go very formal with the turban. My choice of raven colored feathers, that pop out from behind the back of the turban, and flow just over the top, makes the hat more appealing and look more out of the Deco period. This is a unique piece.

Dress~ Black dot Sheath~ Rene` Rene`

Black Cape Sweater~ Thrifted~ I added the clasp to the top of the sweater to give a more vintage look~

Black Satin Sash~ Home Made

Long Pearl Necklace w/ Deco Pin~ Antique Shop

Gold Mirror Earings~ Made by My Man~ Sweetapple~ and yes, my boyfriend makes me jewelry~

Jean Harlow Replica Ring & Greta Garbo Replica Ring~ The Hollywood Collection

Golden "Flapper" Scarf~ Estate Sale~ I just love this scarf, so much you can do with it~

Velvet Turban Hat w/ Black Feathers~ soon to be up on~ My Etsy Shop    

Hair~ I've been using Hot Sticks, and been loving the results, but here I've pinned my longer locks to the nape of my neck, and pinned my front locks just to the sides, to create the look of a flapper's bob hair style.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Flapper's & Big Bubbles~ A 1940's Inspired Playsuit

The other day my Man and I decided to spend some time outdoors, and make some big bubbles.

Black and WHite Striped Playsuit~ E-bay~ I added the bow on the front, and the black and white buttons on the sides.

Black Belt~ Thrifted

Pearl Necklaces~ Gift

Vintage Sunglasses~ Rag-O-Rama

Black and White "Dita" Picture Hat w/ Yellow Flowers~A New Design~ My Etsy Shop

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Flapper's How To~ Personalize Your Own Parasol

What you will need~
          - Ink Pad~ you can choose whatever color you would like~ But black can go on any color parasol
                You can find ink pads at Michaels or Joann's or even Hobby Lobby
          - A Pretty Stamp~ Pick out a stamp that shows your personality, but keep the size down~ don't go too big~
         - Paper Parasol~ I found mine at Hobby Lobby~ they have several different colors
         - Paper Towel

Step One~ Open up your paper parasol, and and lock it in place. Set your parasol on a good sized table. Now look at your parasol and the stamp your going to be using, and start to think of a pretty pattern that you'll want to stamp on your parasol. Once you've figured out what kind of pattern you want to create, it's now time to open up your Ink Pad~ and coat your Stamp with a even layer of Ink.

Step Two~ Now with your stamp evenly coated with Ink, your ready to make your first imprint on your parasol. Figure out where you want to start your pattern and within one hand you have your stamp, and with the other your paper towel, firmly place your stamp on the paper. (The paper towel will help you out with not getting ink on your hands.)

 Step Three~ Continue to stamp your parasol with your pattern~
Here's a close up.

 Here's the finished Top Pattern~

Step Four~ Stamp your botton pattern.
 Now here's the finished product~

This project is super easy, and with this spring and summer season's looking super hot~ having a personalized paper parasol will sure keep you cool, and looking unique!

Dress~ Top one: Black and White Polka Dot ~ Thrifted
             Botton one: Blue and Black Floral Print~ Thrifted~
Black Belt~ Thrifted
Long Pearl Necklace~ Gift
Black Straw Hat~ For Sale~ My Esty Shop

Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Flapper's~ St. Pat's Inspired Dress and Green Goodies


Happy St. Patties to all my Modern Day Flapper's!!! 

Dress~ Thrifted~ Replica print from the late 1930's

Vinatge Beaded Cardigan Sweater~ E-bay ~ but I've had it for forever

Brown Belt~ Thrifted

Long Pearl Necklace~ Rene` Rene`

Black and Cream Two Tone Pumps~ Electric Chair~ California

Double Peacock Feathered/ Deco Button Cocktail Hat~ a New Design~ Soon to be for sale~ My Etsy Shop

Green Goodies:

Vintage Green Velvet Button Pumps~ an old e-bay buy

Vinatge Green and Cream Tweed Purse~ Thrifted

Vintage Olive Green Gloves~ Antique Mall in CA

Green Paper Parasol~ Hobby Lobby~ I bought several for around $5.00

Green Jade Budda~ belongs to my little sister

Vintage Water Color Portrait Painting w/ hat~ it has a Green Back Ground~ Antique Mall in Savannah GA~ I bought the matching set of three.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Flapper's~ 1950's Knit Sweater and Cocktail Hat

Hello my fellow Flapper/ Bombshell Blogger's, I hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far, and are enjoying this beautiful early spring. I know I haven't blogged in a long while, and I'm sorry blogger's,  it's just that I'm so busy nowadays. I've been endlessly working hard on new hat designs and bridal wear for this spring and summer, and I have recently been part of some fabulous photo shoots featuring some of my New hat designs. Plus my hats will be featured in an upcoming charity Fashion Show in California, with several other upcoming designers, more details later. I feel now that everything is starting to come together, and that my hats are finally getting noticed. I want to thank all of you, my fabulous blog followers,  for your wonderful support and charming complements. Your words are much appericated!

1950's Blue Knit Sweater~ Label~ Bradley's~ I have had this sweater forever~ I believe it was an e-bay buy
(I kept the sweater un-tucked from the skirt and belted it at the waist line~ which gave it a more ruffled out look)

Black and White Houndstooth Pleated Circle Skirt~ Thrifted

Black Adjustable Belt~ Thrifted

Black Bow Pumps~ DSW

Long Pearl Neckalce~ Rene` Rene`

Black Tassle Earrings~ Made by my Man~ Sweetapple

 1950's Inspired White Puff/ Bow/ Flower Cocktail Hat ~ Designed by me~ My Etsy Shop 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Flapper's~ 1930's Print Dress~

Now I have to say, I love this dress. I think it has just the perfect little hint of the 1930's meets the 1950's

Dress~ Liz Claiborne~ Thrifted~ Rag-O-Rama~ tailored to fit my shape

Round Box Purse~ Thrifted

Black Belt w/ Gold Buckle~ Thrifted

Long Pearl Necklace~ I added the knot for a more "flapper" look~ Rene` Rene`

Jean Harlow Replica Pearl Ring~ can be seen in the movie~ Dinner at Eight~ The Hollywood Collection

Black Tights~ Ross

Black Pumps~ New~ DSW

Ivory Cream Rose Cocktail Hat with Black Feathers ~ For Sale at My Etsy Shop

Hair is pulled back into a traditional 1930's Snood.