Thursday, March 24, 2011

1930's Inspired Velvet Turban Cocktail Hat & Golden "Flapper" Scarf

I was just fooling around the other day with different hat shapes and such while designing, and had worked up a very elegantly styled looking black Turban Hat with lovely Velvet Floral Shapes. I wasn't sure what to accent the turban with, but I had recently seen an old movie (can't remember which one) where in the background of a scene, a women extra had on an evening styled cocktail hat that had these wild looking feathers falling over just one side of her head piece. I was really breathtaking. So, with a little inspiration from the movie, and my imagination,  I decided to go very formal with the turban. My choice of raven colored feathers, that pop out from behind the back of the turban, and flow just over the top, makes the hat more appealing and look more out of the Deco period. This is a unique piece.

Dress~ Black dot Sheath~ Rene` Rene`

Black Cape Sweater~ Thrifted~ I added the clasp to the top of the sweater to give a more vintage look~

Black Satin Sash~ Home Made

Long Pearl Necklace w/ Deco Pin~ Antique Shop

Gold Mirror Earings~ Made by My Man~ Sweetapple~ and yes, my boyfriend makes me jewelry~

Jean Harlow Replica Ring & Greta Garbo Replica Ring~ The Hollywood Collection

Golden "Flapper" Scarf~ Estate Sale~ I just love this scarf, so much you can do with it~

Velvet Turban Hat w/ Black Feathers~ soon to be up on~ My Etsy Shop    

Hair~ I've been using Hot Sticks, and been loving the results, but here I've pinned my longer locks to the nape of my neck, and pinned my front locks just to the sides, to create the look of a flapper's bob hair style.


  1. Fabulous new hat it! Humm...I may have to give hot sticks another visit. :D

  2. I've got a very similar scarf in black also bought from an estate sale. I have worn it to death over the years, it's just so versatile.

  3. I can't believe how amazing you look every single day! You must have a lot of energy! I'm envious.

  4. Love how you have styled this outfit, beautiful hat!!! X

  5. Wow you are stunning! the colors of your lipstick with the golden scarf is to die for!