Monday, December 13, 2010

1930's Snoods~ Perfect for the Modern Day Flapper's Working Girl

      Vintage hair, so hard to recreate, and even super time consuming when your a working Modern Day Flapper. But I wanted to share my secrect to keeping my locks looking vintage without a lot of time, or damage to your hair.
     For me, my hair is something that I put a lot of work into. It's important for me to have vintage looking hair to help showcase my millinery work, and to have a visual reference to help my customers see how to wear cocktail hats and fascinators of the past eras.
    I like to usually do my hair in pin-curls every night, I use a little lottabody, bobby pins, and a silk scarf to tie around my head, and I'm off to bed. After air drying through out the night, take out all the bobby pins, brush out locks, and I have a perfect 30's/ 40's looking hair do. But for me, I'm not always able to take my night shower, or have the time to set my hair into pin-curls.
      The perfect illusion for your plain jane locks to turn into a classic looking do is to put on a 1930's looking Snood.
       Snoods or hair nets are the simplest way to take your un-curled, un-washed, or un-inspired hair, and instantly change it a classic 30's look.

                                                                    Putting on a snood, or hair net is surprisingly easy, and should take only a couple of minutes to complete. I like to curl my front bangs up, using a super small curling iron, and place on top of my head, and then gather the rest of your locks and brush them to the back of your head, as if your going to put your hair in a low ponytail.
        Then with some good old fashioned bobby pins, place your snood at the top of your head, right behind your front styled bangs, or at the end of your part, and pin snood into place. With the top of the snood secure, pull the other end of the snood down, stretching it out to place your pulled back hair into. Now making sure every strand of hair is placed within your snood, place a couple of more bobby pins right behind your ears for a tight hold, and for that vintage style shape. Should look something like this~

          I'm a hat designer, so wearing snoods help make my hair styling much easier, and quicker for when I have to meet with customers or clients, shop owners, or other designers. I really love the way one of my cocktail hats complements the look of the 1930's snood. I get asked all the time, where did I get my hat, and how do you keep that net over your hair? I just love it when young future Modern Day Flappers are interested in the styles of the past.   

Some History Facts:
 *Famous Flapper Designer, Schiaparelli introduced a Victorian revival in the form of the modern snood in 1935.
 *The snood became a mainstay method of keeping hair free from machinery in wartime Britain.
 *In Hollywood Victorian themed films with lavish costumes like Gone with the Wind inspired a whole range of new     
          hat styles for the 1930s.
 *Even in the more styled days of the 1940s, women knew that a snood was a great way to deal with a bad hair day.


  1. I love this hairstyle, the flapper look has got to be one of my favourites!!!

  2. I love your blog (and just had to go back and read your first post!) Thankyou for a great advice! xoxo