Friday, March 4, 2011

A 1930's Inspired Gloomy Friday~

Well, out here in the South East, we're expecting rain, and stormy weather~

Here's my Outfit of Inspiration~

White Silk Tie/ Lace Blouse~ Thrifted

Black Ruffled Cape~ Rene` Rene`

Black Adjustable Belt~ Thrifted

Tan Brown Tweed Skirt~ The Clothing Warehouse

Black Pumps~ Thrifted

Dark Blue Travel Purse~ Rosenio Splendid~ Thrifted~ (Same Purse Designer from pervious post)

Long Pearl Necklace~ Rene` Rene`

Jean Harlow's  "Dusky Emerald" Replica Ring~ The Hollywood Collection

Gerta Garbo's "Champagne Diamond" Replica Ring~ The Hollywood Collection
Mi Amore Cocktail Hat~ with Brown Felt Flowers, and Black Brid Cage Veiling~ Designed By Me~

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