Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Flapper's~ 1920's Inspired Clara Bow Cherry Hat and Blouse

When I saw Clara Bow's movie~ "IT"(girl) for the first time, I couldn't get over the hat she was wearing~ it was an all black hat with cute little cherrys dangling down off the side. So classic. I got a little inspiration from that look to create this little cherry hat. Simple and chic. Plus I just love this Rene' Rene' Cherry Top I bought a couple of weeks ago~

Cherry Top~ Rene' Rene'

Green Pencil Skirt~ Thrifted

Black Deco Belt~ Thrifted

Long Pearl Necklace~ Gift

Red Sparrow Necklace~ Lucky Loo Loo~ Gift from my Sis

Red Tassle Earrings~ Home Made~ By My Man~ Sweetapple

Black Bow Flats~ Steve Madden~ DSW

Cherry Hat~ Mi Amore Hats


  1. Gorgeous! Just love the cherries. X

  2. Beautiful!
    Love the skirt and your face :)

  3. Lovely! I really like the shade of green of your skirt, and the cherry top is so cute! :)

  4. Love the outfit! By the Way, I have nominated you for a blog award :)

  5. I just found you through Vintage IN A Modern World and I must say that you have a fabulous style sense! And great hats!

  6. Amazing, the cherries are the perfect combination of cute and femme-fatale. xox