Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Flapper's Night Out~

I don't know about you, but I had a fantastic Saturday Night out with my fabulous friend Cherelle Jay, who invited me to BEFFTA's nomination party, held at Midtown's Aurum Lounge.
 A black tie affair, with celebrities, and tons of press, Cherelle and I we're the life of the party.
 We tried to meet everyone at this event, for you never know who you may bump into.
 Everyone loved my hats, and can't wait to see more!
I even ran into Dwight, from Atlanta's Real Housewives, on Bravo. We we're both rockin' the fur.
 It was great to meet all sorts of people in the industry who love vintage fashion, and loved my look.
It was so much fun~ and at the end, I ended up in some group shots with some of Atlanta's elite celebrities.

My dress was a thrift find, at the last mintue of this party.
 I thought it looked like a 1930's Mae West dress, one she would have worn in, I'm No Angel.
 I found it just as I had searched through the whole store for something that looked atleast a little bit black tie.
 But when my eyes fell on this dress, I knew it was the one.
Floor length, and hand beaded. Looks like a million bucks.
I even had a random fan at the party call me "Marilyn". He had the right idea!
I want to thank my friend Cherelle Jay for inviting me to this event, and everyone should check out her blog:

Til' next time...

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