Tuesday, January 4, 2011

~1930's Silky Bow-Tie Blouse~

My thirft find # 2~ I found this little number just by chance, at a local Value Village, for a $1.29. I love the look of an oversized bow attached to a blouse, I feel it makes a vintage statement.

 The blouse has a beautiful 1930's floral design on the silk fabric, with pops of color. I paired my long black pencil skirt, and a cropped button up sweater to complete the look.

Although when I bought this blouse, I knew it was going to be a bit large on me, for it being a size 11/12, I needed to sew the sides of the blouse in about an inch or so, right under the sleeves to give it more of a fitted look.  I do that with a lot of the clothing I end up buying at thrift stores. If I love the look of a perticular piece of clothing, and I know it's too big, it's real easy for me to just run it through my sewing machine, and have it fit me, than to go on and not have it at all.

My cocktail hat has a simple floral beaded 30's look to it, (sorry you can only really see it in picture #1) and a bit smaller in size, compaired to my other hat designs. But this one can go with anything, and is so easy to wear.

 The beautiful vintage sunglasses were a cool find about 5 months ago, at a local second hand store, near Rene` Rene`~ called Rag-O-Rama. They were oringinally reading glasses, coming with the oringinal case, but I took them into a percription eye glass store, and asked to get them made into sunglasses. They were done in less than a week!
Super cute~ 

I have more thrift finds coming up, and one being a vintage 1950's ivory umbrella. Can't wait for a rainy day off!

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