Monday, January 10, 2011

~ 1920's Frenchie Wool Beret~

It began to snow last night, just as my boyfriend and I we're leaving a nice birthday dinner at a Buckhead restaurant called, Chops.
 Very glamorous, and very 1920's looking interior~ just my style. But a perfect way to end a wonderful evening.
 Plus, seeing all the wonderful snow fall, I knew I would take advantage of it in the morning.

So I got up this very white morning, and through on my new, but very old, sheep's wool coat. Which I think it might be from the 40's or early 50's. But it really keeps me warm!!

I zipped up some leather boots, and topped my locks with a cream coloured 1920's looking French beret.

Placing the beret a little bit to the side I added and made a cute ruby red rosette to sew to the side of the hat, which gives it an ultra flapper look.

Super chic, super simple, and it keeps your curls dry.

A Modern Day Flapper's~ Must Have~  for a cold winter.

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