Friday, January 7, 2011

~1930's Brown Noir ~

For some stange reason I'm really into wearing the colour brown. I know that fall is over and done with, but with this winter, I'm not feeling the light blues, and whites.

 I  love this blouse with it's brown and black pasliey print, ruffled neckline, and ruffled out sleeves~ makes it look like it's straight out of the 1930's.

 I came across these little brown leather heels at a local vintage shop just around the cornor from where I live. They caught my eye looking very 1940's Rita Hayworth style to me, with the over laying and round toe look. And they we're actually my size!~ Which is so rare since I think most average women wear a size 8 or so. They have no name within the sole, but they are fairly new. Super cheap too~ costing a ruff $2.50. Can't beat that.

My cocktail hat is of a simple design, black ruffles, with a cute hat pin I made. I found the little metal hand jewelry piece, on the hat pin, in my back yard.

 Funny what you may find just in your back yard.

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