Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Jean Harlow Moment~

Now I have to say, I'm a huge fanatic of Jean Harlow, the Orignial Blonde Bombshell, and how amazingly beautiful she truely was. I've been watching some of her movies like, The Public Enemy, Red Dust, and Dinner at Eight. But my favorite at the moment is Libeled Lady. In this movie, Jean's character is wearing a simple cocktail hat, with net veiling just coming down over her eyes. Which I thought was so sexy, especially on her.  So, that hat gave me the idea for the cocktail hat I'm wearing here. With simple black net veiling falling off the top of the hat base, I added little black puff's to the ends of the veiling for a more dramatic "Harlow" look.I'm currently selling this cocktail hat on my etsy shop, and would love for it to have a good home. But check out some of my other hat listings, you might find something you may like.

I like this last picture, reminds me of a publicity shot an old silent movie actress would have taken.

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