Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Flapper's~ Thursday Afternoon Blues~

Ah, it's Thursday, so close to Friday, and I feel I might be coming down with the Thursday's Blues this afternoon. I'm feeling a little bit trapped, hence the photos above, and have been really wanting to get out, and exprience something new.
Thinking I might hit up the Star Bar tomorrow night, and see Big Sandy and His Fly-Rite Boys. Check it out.

Dress~ Black and White Checker top, with Black Detailng,and Ruffle Waist Line, attached to a Flowing Black Pencil Skirt~  (With this dress ~I hemmed up the skirt about 3 inches, and took in the waist line about and Inch on each side to make it more form fitting for my body, and shape)

Black Cropped Sweater~ (I wear it a lot) Target

Red Belt~ Vintage~ Salvation Army

Black Pumps~ Thrifted

Cocktail Hat~ with Tiny Red Rose, and Black Feathered Bow~ For Sale~ My Etsy Shop 

Red Tassle Earings with Black Hearts~ Made by my Man~ Sweetapple

Pearl Necklace, and Braclet~ Gifts

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