Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Modern Day Flapper's must have~ A Long Pearl Necklace~

     So for X-mas this year, I just could not get my mind off of wanting a floor length pearl necklace, much like the Louise Brooks photo, and The Marchesa Casati picture above~ and I know their hard to come by, espically at such a long length. But my man was able to find one for me at 70 inches long. Thanks Wolfie!

Pearls to me are so beautiful, and can bring a classic regal sense to any outfit. Although I perfer real pearls, you can find heavy glass ones, that have the same wieght as real ones, in even longer lengths.

 Pearls really came into fashion in the late 1920's, when the look of a "flapper" was just kicking off~ Long pearl necklaces became a signture of the flapper "jazz" look. Young baby vamp's would go out dancing in hot jazz clubs, with their long pearl necklaces on, swinging them round, and luring in young men.

With art deco influences, the appearence of having a long necklace on gave the look of a longer, leaner flapper silhouette. Now, I'm no stick figure looking flapper, but having on a long pearl necklace really does give my figure a leaner look.   

For over the past couple of years, long pearl necklaces have been the vogue for classic jewelry pieces to own, and to hold onto. With a lady like touch quality, pearl necklaces are the perfect example for adding that flapper inspired accessory to your vintage look.          

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