Tuesday, December 14, 2010

1940's Fur Stole~ &~ My Clara Bow Moment~

     There's still something about the original "It" Girl that still inspires me to be a Modern Day Flapper.
Clara Bow is by far one of my favorite 1920's Actresses, and one of the best known Flappers of all time.

She was raised in the then booming Big Apple, and won a contest into fame, with the one photograph that her father had spent he's savings on. She moved to Hollywood, and had a fantastic career in filming silent movies. But with the film the "Jazz Singer" , and it setting the new trend for "talkies" Clara's voice was just to thick with her New York accent to be heard, and could not be well recorded. So in 1931, at the age of 28 she retired, and left Hollywood forever.
 But before she left the movie biz, she was the most iconic Flapper of the time. She was setting the new trends for young women, who were looking for a new kind of beauty role model.
Clara had the looks, and  although only filmed in black and white, she was actually the only flaming red Bombshell to be dubbed a "Flapper".  Clara was everything a Flapper could be. Young, witty, and full of life, she loved to dance, be seen in the latest fashions, and loved to drive really fast automoblies. She was a kind little lady, and I still enjoy watching her silent movies. She just had one of those baby vamp face's that just makes you want to know more about her.

Clara Bow was the inspiration for my look today. I brushed out my pin-curls to a nice poofy flapper wave, and adorned my locks with one of my tilt cocktail hats, which has a peacock feather hat pin poking out from the back. I bought this 1940's fur stole for a steal at $35 bucks, and have been waiting until it was cold enough, here in Atlanta, to wear out. It's the perfect touch for adding that regal Flapper look. Now it's time for a good old fashioned vintage cocktail, in a hiden little speakeasy.   

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