Sunday, February 5, 2012

Betsy and I- Play Suit

A vintage coral Pink.
  Two Tone Print.
Whispy Bell sleeves.
  Classic Wrap top.
High Waisted & wide legged.
  1920's straw Hat.

It's time to play,.. in a cute little play suit.

A vintage Design by Betsy Johnson.

          - J.


  1. This is just beautiful, so elegant!! X

  2. I'm happy that you're back again in the blogosphere cause I like your hats and your outfit posts so much. It's always nice and interesting to browse through your hat collection. They're stunning. Hugs from Germany! Maybe you would like to have a look at a part of my hat collection too.
    You'll find it here:

  3. I just gave you Liebster Award on my blog :)