Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Flapper's~ Garbo Jacket

             I'm an absolute devotee of the great movie star Greta Garbo~ She's so iconic for her fabulous style and movement of the "Flapper" look in the late 20's and early 30's.
             This Fox trimmed Evening Jacket was a piece that happened to come into my work one day, and found out that a customer was wanting to sell it. I looked at the cut and style of this jacket and immediately thought of Garbo. So now this little jacket has a new home, and is now a fanastic piece to my collection.

Fox Trimmed Jacket~  From my Job

Black Belt~ Thrifted from VV~

Black Long Pencil Skirt~ Thrifted

White Lace Slip~ ebay

Deco Pin and Pearl Necklace~ Antique Store~ and Gift

Jean Harlow and Garbo Rings~ The Hollywood Collection

Black Crushed Velvet Hat with Veiling~ Mi Amore Hats


  1. You look georegeous! I love combination of black and white, it's classic.

  2. Oh my goodness.......what an amazing jacket!!! X

  3. You have an amazing eye for combining your wardrobe pieces for stunning outfits! I am a fan! Your posts inspire me!

  4. Now I do love everything you post, but this has just blown me away! That jacket is truly something special and having it in the hands of someone who will really appreciate it would no doubt make the original owner very happy indeed.

    That pearl necklace is just gorgeous as well :-)

  5. Hi again, I've passed a blog award on to you, pop by and have a look!! X

  6. Hi! Where are you? Are you ever coming back? I miss your posts!

  7. Femme Fatale! Danger awaits some poor dashing young man. :)