Friday, July 1, 2011

A Flapper's~ Classic High Waisted Slacks and Topper Hat

Now, I don't normally wear pants or slacks, but I came across these 1940's inspired High Waisted pair and jumped on the chance of spicing up my wardrobe that is basicly just skirts and dresses.

A Perfect Fit for all Modern Day Flappers~

Slacks~ Rag-O-Rama

Blouse~ Vintage Jones New York~ Thrifted

Black Topper Cocktail Hat~ Mi Amore Hats

Pearl Necklace~ Gift~ I added the knot for a more Flapper touch

Black Tassle Earrings~ Home Made by my Man~ Sweetapple

Belt~ Thrifted

Flats~ Eva & Zoe

Hair~ Done back in a Classic 1930's Snood with a Twisted Pomp on top


  1. It's nice to have some trousers to vary your outfits now and again! These are great on you, loving the hair too! X

  2. Fantastic! I never can find similar pants that fit right! You look amazing in them!

  3. what a very beautifully put together outfit!! Looks lovely!!

  4. I love the trousers! They suit you!

    Top Ten Award to you!!!:
    Dolly The Bird

  5. I'm your newest follow. I love your style!!

  6. Great outfit once again! You are one of the most stylish persons I have seen. Love your blog.

  7. I this blog on accident but I'm so glad I did. Even though it is definitely a very classic style, I love your clothes and style because of its sheer uniqueness. This is definitely not something you see people wearing anywhere, even in larger cities like Chicago (where I live). Kudos.

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