Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Flapper's~ 1930's Peacock Feathered Rosette Cocktail Hat

Inspired by movie Starlets like Jean Harlow and Greta Garbo, this Rosette Cocktail Hat is a Modern Day Flappers dream come true. Perfect for wearing with your flocks, this little hat is great for adding a little bit of the Roaring 20's to your everyday look.

Hat~ Mi Amore Hats

Baby Blue Top~ Thrifted

Long Black Pencil Skirt~ Thrifted

Grey Thick Belt~ Thrifted

Black Pumps~ Thrifted

Baby Blue Beaded Necklace~ Thrifted

Long Pearl Necklace~ Gift

Rings~ The Hollywood Collection

Banjo Pin~ Rag-O-Rama

Hair- Done by Pin-Curls


  1. You look just swell! I am truly envious of the hat! xx

  2. I can never find a nice long fitted skirt while thrifting. What's the label for the skirt and blouse if you don't mind?