Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Flapper's~ Classic Baby Blue Wrap Top & Necklace

Hope all you Modern Day Flapper's are having a wonderful Spring, and are looking more beautiful then ever~ Thank you all for you lovely thoughts and comments~ I've been working hard on New Hats and creations, and have just recently started up my first  Modern Day Flapper boutique. Check it out~

Baby Blue Wrap Top~ Thrifted

Baby Blue Pearl Necklace~ Thrifted

Black Pencil Skirt~ Thrifted

Black Belt~ Thrifted

Black Bow Pumps~ DSW

Clara Bow and Jean Harlow Replic Rings~ The Hollywood Collection

Grey Clutch~ Thrifted

Mi Amore Hat~ Personal Collection~


  1. You just ooze class. I love how perfectly coordinated the colors are. Simply beautiful :)

  2. Oo you look great! I really like this outfit :)

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